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Posted on Oct 28

http://www.bartunekgroup.com    913 327 8800

Location: Lenexa, KS
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4170433

Overview:  Inside Sales is the front-line source of information for customers.  They build trust and develop strong relationships with customers and vendors.  They must have an attitude to accept any challenge, offer products, services and assist in problem-solving.  They are flexible to customer issues and should be an outsource of the customer's company.  They are 911, air traffic control and a help desk all rolled into one.  Inside Sales is the focal point of information and responsible for the total management, from new customer development to payment.

Nature and Scope:
Results orientated:  
Nothing happens in a company until a sale is made.  Be responsible for setting priorities on a daily basis to assure that customers are handled according to their importance and potential.  Also be responsible for developing new business.  Inside sales is the primary day-to-day customer interface.  From the customers perspective Inside Sales is the firing line where job performance proves the company's commitment to service excellence.
Communication:  Have both good verbal and written communication skills.  Customers expect information:  followup to questions, complaints, and solutions to their problems.  It is also important that you be able to communicate the philosophy and vision of the company.  All this and more must be communicated clearly to all we come in contact with.  Keep the outside salesperson informed as to your dealings with customers.  This should be accomplished both verbally and through recording the information in our customer relationship software.
Organization:  Exhibit excellent time management skills and be detailed orientated.
Be a student:  Never be satisfied.  Have the desire to continuously learn and develop new skills.  Read articles and books on selling and the products they provide.  Always search for a better way.  You must want to improve and devote time outside of the normal workday to learning and self-improvement.
Have the Right Personality:  Have a passion, an obsession, and a natural enthusiasm for your work.  You must be curious.  Customers expect inside sales to ask questions to learn about their needs, their interests, their goals, the problem they have experienced and the type of customers they serve.  
Perseverance:  Inside sales must feel if everything around them were to fall apart that they could handle it.  You may not be overjoyed but you wouldn't have any doubt about your ability to get things back on track.  Develop the right process.  Have a proven set of routines that you can come back to again and again.  Have discipline, know what works and stick with it.  Be creative.  Be willing to try new ways of selling, and taking care of our customers.  Have a sense of humor.  You spend a lot of your waking hours at what you do.  Have fun with it. Customers can tell.
Practice and Concentrate on the Fundamentals Until They Become Second Nature:  Product knowledge - know what you are selling.  It must be more than just a part number.  The customer is looking to you to be able to answer his/her question or direct their engineer's questions to you.  Study, try, fail and try again using the sales techniques you have learned.  
   1.  Be responsible for all quoting procedures.  This includes interviewing the customer to get all pertinent information prior to quoting.
   2.  All quotes for standard items must be done on the same day.  (Excluding blanket, or unusually large quotes.)
   3.  All quotes that require sourcing must be faxed to suppliers prior to leaving the office that night.
   4.  The customer/prospect must be interviewed to obtain information prior to quoting.  The following areas must be covered to derive the required information.
        a.  What is the decision process?
        b.  What are the parts used in and with?
        c.  Is this item (these items) repetitive?
        d.  When will they need the parts?
        e.  When will the decision be made?
        f.  Where will the parts be needed?
        g.  Who in addition to the buyer will have an impact on the decision?
        h.  How was the decision made last time?
1.  Be responsible for coordinating all paperwork when setting up a new customer
   2.  Enter all orders promptly.  Orders should be entered into the system the same day they are taken.
   3.  Make sure all customer requirements are understood and the information is transferred to purchasing and the warehouse.  Pick tickets to ship within the given time range must get credit approval and then printed.
   4.  Make sure all changes are done properly.  Notify purchasing and the warehouse of any changes that will affect them.
   5.  Have an understanding with the customer as to when they can expect delivery.  If the salesperson makes a promise they need to make sure it is done.  Integrity is doing what you say you are going to do.
   6.  Orders must be acknowledged to the customer.  Faxed orders must be acknowledged by phone to the customer.  Use tools as open order report to stay on top of customer orders.
   7.  Put outside sales under pressure to keep up with opportunities you are uncovering.
   8.  Confidence.  It's often compelling.
   9.  Use the Sandler System as much as possible
   10.Creative and a desire to have fun!
   11. Follow up.  Ask for the order.  All the time every time.
  12. Faxing a quote with no pre-qualification is very weak.  Have a plan, have a system to handle quotes from start to finish.  Especially the customer's expectation of when he/she needs the quote back and when he/she will place the order.  It's incredibly embarrassing to have to make excuses to a prospect if we failed in some way on the first interactions.
  13. Eagerness to utilize the hardware and software at your disposal.  Open order reports, email notification, PDF files, CRM software etc.  They will impress the customers.  
  14. Log meaningful calls, details, and quotes in CRM software. Nothing is worse for the outside salesperson to be blindsided with a customer on a situation that he knows nothing about.
  15. An attitude of can do.  I will find a way!
  16. Challenge the outside salespeople to improve!
  17. Passion. Excitement. Drive
  18. Try new tactics.  Share what works.  Get out of the comfort zone and stretch.
  19.  Accountability
  20.  No hiding from each other.. we have a responsibility to each other to try and to not be concerned about what our peers think if we trip up.  Great teams applaud the effort, pull each other up and raise the bar.
  21,  Consistency.  Inside and outside in stride with each other singing from the same sheet of music.  Trust me, customers can hear the difference if we are not coordinated.
  22.  Outside salespeople are very much affected by their confidence of what's happening back at the office.  The more you see outside sales in the office the more concerns they are having about their accounts.  Aim to not see them!  
  23.  Be open to change, be a resource and always be a student.
  24.  To not just have potential but to constantly ACT on that potential
  25.  Ask, Listen, Deliver ... WOW

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